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Book, pages 7 and 8
ye'r partner an all, 'r did you two stop work'n ta'gether? Ey' Chris you okay? mey'be you should stop by'a clinick ta'day..."
My eyes drift from him to the floor as I try and comprehend what I just heard. Without really thinking I start for the door. As I'm leaving John says something to me, but I fail to hear it. What he had said about Jackie keeps spinning in my head and everything he says sounds like mumbles.
I stagger out the door feeling like there is a knife in my chest, making it hard to breath. I try walking the feeling off, it doesn't help. The thoughts of Jackie, the pain in my chest, the flashbacks, all the things I had worked so hard for years to block out all comming back in seconds. I do my best heading down the street, scuffing my feet, tring to keep my balance. I look up and see the V.D.S., I finely made it.
The V.D.S., a bleak, dirty looking place. The only thing seperating it from the wearhouses at the pier is the solar pannels and the giant lit up sign that reads "Ve
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Book, pages 5 and 6
Trying to shake the feeling I got from the door and that creepy new lift operator I head down the street towards the V.D.S.. On the way I pass by a few P.E.B. goons harassing some guy, something about a permit. I can't make out what he looks like, the collar of his coat and the brim on his hat do a fine job at hiding his face. I don't see how they get away with calling themselves the "Peace Enforcers" when the only people help is themselves, and the only thing they "enforce" is their crooked rules and regulations.
Just then I hear laughing and excited voices coming from the other side of the street. I look over and see two people standing outside of a store. Its hard to make out what they are saying, the only thing I manage to make out is "its been to long!" witch reminds me that I was going to stop at John's place and do a bit of catching up of my own.
With the thought of seeing my old friend once again fresh in my head I continue walking, only now keeping an eye out for the sign over
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Book, pages 3 and 4
Out in the hallway I can't help but stare at the sorry state of the regal wallpaper covering the walls, most of it half peeled off due to all the steam this place lets out. Most of it is being held up with nails and tacks, one more thing that shows just how much the landlord doesn't care.
Walking down the hallway my thoughts turn to the missing soup can lables. There was nothing else missing in the place, so whoever took them must have wanted just the lables. Thinking about it reminds me of things my partner used to do, he loved pulling stupid "pranks" like that. I turn the corner at the end of the hallway and see the big brass gates of the lift, distracting me from my thoughts.
Stepping up to the lift the man inside slides open the gates. Something about him makes me uneasy, but I chalk it up to just not being used to him. He's a replacement for the old lift operator, who was forcefully retired when the hydraulic system in the lift  malfunctioned. Poor bastard, standing next
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Mature content
Book :iconkazcatch:KazCatch 0 0
Story Intro
One cool crisp morning, with the moons pure pale light still cast upon the ground. A man walked along a wooded cobblestone path, through a curtain of fog. This man, unwavered by the ghastly tails of ghouls that lay in wait, skulking the path ready to prey on any unforcunet passerby. Unwavered only through the knowledge that the intentions of his intended actions upon the arrival of his destination will prove far more evil then any ghoul or spirit that would ever haunt him and, in fear, they would flee any advancment he made upon them. For on this cool fog covered pale morning, the actions of this man will start the last day he may live with an untainted soul in the eyes of man.
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What a sad time of year for people who have no one to hang out with.
Almost as sad as Christmas -.-


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